Hi there, nice of you to stop by, thanks for joining me.

I’m Hannah, a twenty-something journalist and this is MY corner of the internet. So, why am I only just relaunching my blog? I write for other people and read the news on the radio – but there’s only so much of that I can do. I want a place to share my thoughts, my interests and my opinions. I created a mediocre blog when I was in sixth form (which you can see here). The intention of that blog was to practice writing and it was something I used for job applications (lol, yes really).

unnamed (1)

Since then, I’ve got A LOT better at writing, learnt what SEO is and how to navigate WordPress. And, I wanted somewhere to write away from my ‘work’ stuff. What will I be writing about on this blog? Anything that interests me… film, TV, lifestyle, travel etc. If you’re lucky I may even share my NCTJ journey with you. (Looool I’m really out here pretending to be an adult.)

I’ve changed a lot since my last blog and I want the #hanblog to be a reflection of that. When will I be posting? Every Monday, and maybe more depending on my schedule. I am writing this formally to be held accountable. I’m not very consistent with blogging: a memoir.


If you don’t know me, here is some minimal, selective information about me…

Name: Hannah Lovejoy

Age: 21

Location: London or Brighton, take your pick

I think that’s all the relevant information that you deserve to know for now. If you want to follow my socials you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @HanLovejoy. I’d love to know who has read this once it’s been posted, so, send me a tweet and let me know what you thought. Feel free to use #hanblog too! (Aka please use it and we’ll pretend that I’m relevant enough to use a hashtag.)

(Photo credit: my pal Sophie and her iPhone 8 plus)

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