Hannah Lovejoy is a creative communicator and storyteller with a heart for people. Whether it’s through radio hosting or interview producing, Hannah uses her unique skill set to lead life-changing conversations through a range of platforms.

In 2020, Hannah took the reins of the only Christian Latin radio show in the UK and has acquired specialist knowledge of Spanish Christian music. Hannah presents The Latin Selection on Premier Gospel every Friday from 9pm – 11pm. Best described as a fiesta de alabanza that is full of wisdom, encouragement and fun. Hannah blends trending news, personal experience and the Gospel of Jesus Christ into each radio link.

Hannah is also a freelance writer and producer, working across different media platforms to help brands tell their stories. She regularly books interviews for shows across the CNN International network and has written articles for Digital Spy and Smooth Radio amongst others. With several years of experience in media, Hannah is also a highly capable content creator with an expertise in digital and social media strategy.

Throughout her career, Hannah has used every opportunity to give a platform to other people and to hold space for their experiences. Through the art of storytelling and interviewing, Hannah believes that sharing testimonies can change lives.

Hannah’s motto is simple, impact over influence.